Building Generational Wealth

There is no one method to wealth building. It doesn’t have to be real estate flipping, or options trading or an online store. The key to building wealth is focus and consistency. It doesn’t always need to be a new idea. Wealth has been built by families for hundreds of years in the same industry.
The Albrecht family has built 3 generations of wealth starting with a grocery store that is now a chain of grocery store that include the Trader Joe’s chain. They are now the 10th richest family in the world.

Samuel C. Johnson built 5 generations of wealth selling household cleaning products. S.C. Johnson, A family company.

Our Approach

Networks of Wealth builds wealth through traditional means. We are constantly working to grow just 3 divisions, real estate rentals, the US market and business acquisition.

Networks of Wealth is not about cute slogans, selling wealth building workshops or sou – sou’s. We are individuals who have spent 30-40 plus years in the workforce. We have raised families, built homes and businesses and have educated ourselves with degrees and years of experience. Our goal is to bring that knowledge to those who also have a desire to grow their money and educate their families. To build assets for, and educate their children on how to build and retain wealth for generations to come.


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