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Real Estate

N.O.W. Inc. invest in single and multi unit dwellings throughout the United States. Our focus is to buy and hold long term. We understand that people are always going to need a place to call home and we deliver that by providing safe, well maintained affordable housing…


Networks of Wealth’s business strategy focuses on building franchises and low human capital businesses. These types of businesses include, laundromats, storage facilities, parking structures, trucking and distribution, insurance and quick service restaurants…

NOW’s Inc. Next Generation Unit

At NOW, we believe in our youth and value their global contributions. They are our innovators, influencers, and social reformers. However, many underserved youth lack the financial skills required to successfully navigate our economy in adulthood.

That is why our team of professionals is creating a program for NOW’s Next Generation participants that will explore the foundational principles of economic success and sustainability. Curriculum topics will range from credit management to building a retirement portfolio.


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Our Philosophy

Fewer than 10 percent of black families receive any sort of inheritance from previous generations. There has been systemic racism in education, housing, employment, etc. These obstacles have made it all but impossible for black families to build wealth for themselves, let alone for generations to come. Networks of Wealth, Inc’s mission is to educate and change the narrative for black families and for the black community through strategic investments.

Working for years to provide for your families and send children to college should not leave you in debt in your retirement years. Our future generations should not spend their lives working for someone else to increase their families wealth while continuing to repeat the same cycle of near poverty as the generation before them. Networks of Wealth, Inc is changing that.

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